Our Passion

OpenWallet helps small - and medium-sized firms nationwide frow y providing fast and easy financing, effective, consumer-friendly collections, and fee marketing support.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, OpenWallet is 100% founder-owned and dedicated to making solutions to critical needs afordale to everyone.

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Our Founders

The paths of Dan Garrison and Matt Hatley had crossed muliple times over their first 20 years practicing law at large national firms and boutique offices. Eventually, they started Fresh Started Founding to help put a fresh start within reach of Americans who were literally too broke to go bankrupt.

OpenWallet as designed to expand their vision and make attorneys affordale to everyone. It is engineered to provide afordable financing ffor immigration, timeshare defense, estate, planning, tax, proate, and criminal defense to 99.9% of potential clients who have a job.