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OpenWallet helps attorneys retain nearly every client by providing up-front financing for legal fees.

What will OpenWallet do for you and your clients?

OpenWallet Helps Law Firms Grow

Here’s how it works: during each consultation, you offer your client a 100% up-front payment option and OpenWallet’s pay-over-time option. Not only will you offer your client more ways to say yes, if they decide to pay over time, you will receive:

Fast Funding

Get paid after your client's first payment

Easy Approvals

Feel confident that the financing will arrive

Friendly Payment Management

Collect more fees and protect your reputation


of your clients expect payment plans

1Source: Clio, Legal Trends Report 2021

We approve 98.8% of clients. Direct lending makes a difference.

Why Attorneys Choose OpenWallet

Spend more time practicing law

The average attorney only spends 31% of their work day practicing law. This number is shocking but not surprising. As a practicing attorney, you probably feel like you’re spending too much time working in your business — chasing down bad leads, trying to recover lost clients, trying to collect fees from clients on payment plans, and dealing with employee problems — and not enough time working on your business.

OpenWallet can help.

Affordable financing to help close the justice gap

Too many Americans, 86% according to the most recent data, receive inadequate or no legal help for civil legal problems because of lack of resources. OpenWallet is able to bridge the gap and provide financing for clients who need help with legal services including:

Criminal Defense

Arraignment and Bail Hearings, DUI Defense, Narcotics Violations, Theft, Sexual Assault, Assault and Battery, Juvenile Criminal Defense


Business-Perm Visas, H-1B Visas, Individual and Family Immigration Services, Deportation, Removal Procedures, or Detention, Asylum and Refugee Services, Naturalization, Permanent Resident Visas, Lawful Permanent Residence Through Employment

Estate Planning

Living Trusts, Power of Attorney, Wills, Asset Protection Plans

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Statement of Financial Affairs and Schedules, Means Test Calculations, Trustee Questionnaire, Section 341 Meeting of Creditors, Notice to Employer to Stop Garnishment

Timeshare Law

Timeshare Scam Protection, Timeshare Legal Advice, Timeshare Assets, Timeshare Disputes, Timeshare Foreclosure Defense, Timeshare Transfer, Timeshare Closing Services, Timeshare Planning


Divorce, Mediation, Child Custody & Visitation, Child Support, Severance and Adoption, Father’s Rights

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