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Our Unique Value

OpenWallet helps law firms grow by helping people who otherwise couldn’t afford to hire them. We do this with a unique financing program that approves virtually every client, and a friendly payment management approach that keeps your clients on track in paying your fees.

OpenWallet is dedicated to the mission of making attorneys affordable and accessible to everyone, and is built on the foundational idea of doing well by doing good.

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A Message from Our Founder

 I’ve been an attorney for nearly thirty years, and I’ve owned and operated law firms. I know how disappointing it is both personally and financially when you find a prospective client and want to help them, but they can’t figure out how to pay you. I provided pro bono service as much as I could, but I had my own bills to pay and needed to make a living at my practice. I knew there had to be a better way.

OpenWallet is there to be a win-win solution to this problem. Now that person who desperately needs your help has an affordable way to hire you, and you can convert that prospect to a paying client and run a successful business. We’re driven to help you, the attorney, to succeed—and we do it by helping good folks in bad situations get the legal help that they need. Let us show you how to build your practice with this “win-win” solution.

-Dan Garrison, Founder & CEO

Our Mission

We’re a dynamic, tech-savvy company that’s been around for several years but currently is scaling very aggressively. Consumer legal spending is a $50 billion per year market and has never had a viable solution for the average American family to afford an attorney. We’re fixing that problem with a unique financing solution that’s growing very rapidly.

We’re also a mission-driven, culturally focused company that’s looking for great people. Are you looking to be part of something bigger than yourself that does real good in the world? Do you bring your best every day and work to be a superstar in everything you do? OpenWallet is your kind of place.

We’re looking for superstars who want to change the world, and we’re hiring

In the same way that we’re looking to improve attorneys’ businesses, and help consumers get legal help, we’re also very focused on mentoring our employees to grow and succeed—through leadership development programs, promoting from within, and creating a fun and fulfilling workplace. Email to learn more.

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